Fall 2000


This is the third and last part of a continuing series. In the conclusion of part two, I found myself writing (or did the devil make me do it), much to my surprise, that I would reveal my memories as to how the pyramids were built. As I typed these words a feeling of uncomfortableness and queasiness came over me. I knew that I was opening a can of worms for myself. Some will say that I am a crackpot while others will say that I have a very vivid imagination. While I will admit that what I am about to put down from memory cannot be proven, I also take the position that it cannot be disproven, either. Anyway, at this point in time. This article comes from my memories. Undoubtedly, I will leave some things out as I do not "recall" or I felt they were unimportant, that they were day to day occurrences that we just took for granted, much like we take for granted the color of blue jeans or how to turn on a faucet.

As we journey through the architectural layout I will point out some obvious flaws (read "You don’t expect us to believe that, do you?" or "Oh, puleez!" or "Do you think we were born yesterday/" or "Hello is there anybody home up there") in the present day theories, which themselves cannot be proven but only speculated on with the artifacts on hand and the unfortunate pieces that they (Egyptologist’s) hide in the back rooms because it doesn’t fit their ideas on how the pyramid was constructed.

I will also, from to time to paraphrase some of the Edgar Cayce readings (who in a past life. according to his readings, was very instrumental in seeing that the Great Pyramid was constructed) and his comments on the purpose and way of construction. Please let me know your comments or where you think I should go to get so me high quality help (either immediately or can I wait awhile) . Thanks.



Much of what I am about to put down on paper is a first, not only for my friends who know me, those who don’t know me, but also for myself. Even though the years have brought back some recollections this is the first time I have put this down. Hopefully as I write much more will come to the surface. I look on this adventure as both fearful and therapeutic at the same time.

The first memory I had of being in the Nile Region at the time of building the Great Pyramid surfaced during an ARE workshop on Egypt in the spring of 1986 or 1987. Always intrigued by the beauty and mystique of Egypt and excited by Edgar Cayce’s story of the Egyptian civilization that intuitively rang true for me, I had attended this workshop with two dear friends who also recalled incarnations in Egypt at the same time. One evening following the lecture, the presenter had us participate in a past life reverie (a meditation much like hypnosis) to see if we could recall a past life in Egypt. Upon awakening, I was disappointed that no memory had been recalled. As has become my history with past life recall, it was not until later that a memory stirred to the surface.

There were seven or eight of us, the exact number escapes me at this time. We were ingrained (the seven or eight of us) with the measurements of the pyramid and their significance, both symbolically and in actual physical reality. That does not mean we could not share this information with our fellow workers. There were no secrets. The thinking was that there would always be someone in flesh or on the earth plain who had the actual measurements and their appropriate significance stored in memory. At this point in time, I believe most of us are on the earth. I think I have met one of the others once, though we never spoke of it. At the time, I never realized who he was. I somehow know when I hear theories pertaining to the pyramid if they are true. There is an inner knowing. As to why the information couldn’t be acquired from the Akasha records (etheric records etched in time and space) at any time, I believe that it can. However, the accuracy and validity of the information from the Akasha and the individual that it comes from would have to be checked against the memory of one of the individuals who contained the information within their soul consciousness, and vice versa. In other words, a type of checks and balance was set up by the initiates (Egyptian priests) to verify the truth of the information. If the channel was faulty, this could be checked. If the individual making a claim was in error, this also could be check against the Akasha. For any statement to be true, there would have to be a match. This system was set up so that the knowledge would not be lost for future generations.

The main problem with Egyptian construction, even with our technology, forces us to admit that we could not construct or duplicate the Great Pyramid. If this is true, then it must follow then that their technology or civilization was more evolved than ours of today is. First and foremost, we need to face our denial head on. Yes, man at one time or another was even more technologically advanced than he is now. We have old temples and monuments scattered throughout the earth that majestically have stood through thousands of years yielding there astronomical data as proof. Yes, there was something that happened where man "lost" his knowledge and advancement. And, yes, we are afraid, it could very possible happen again.

Before I begin explaining the building process, a little must be said about the spirit of the times. Our lives were lived trying to maintain a balance in all that we did, in family, in work, in service to the state, in our spiritual life. There was always time set aside each day for our spiritual disciplines, disciplines that help lift the vibration of our dense physical bodies. Some of these included meditation, yoga disciplines, healing work, dance and the creative arts. Extra effort was made to keep the practice areas clean. Colors were chosen to create atmospheres of peace and tranquility. Our food was grown along the Nile Delta. The yearly flooding of the Nile brought in rich nutrients so our diets were rich in vitamins and minerals. There were very few digestive diseases associated with poor nutrition. Everyone contributed in the growing and harvesting of the crops grown along the river as it was therapeutic and enabled us to become more sensitive to the vibrations and/or frequencies of the earth. There was a strong sense of community and respect for each indivdual. This is not to suggest that we lived in a Utopia. Problems were addressed through group councils taking in account, first, the spiritual implications of any changes, always seeking a responsible harmony in the laws and freedoms that were granted. We used many highly sophisticated electronic machines to build the pyramids. Many of these worked by reversing the electromagnetic current all the way down below the subatomic levels. This made transportation of the stone blocks, each weighing an average of 2 1/2 tons, easy as the blocks themselves appeared to become weightless when in actuality the polarity of gravity was reversed to literally push the weight of the stone off the ground. The same principle happens when you put two identical poles of a magnet together. There is a force created that repels each other. This frequency could be turned up depending on how much energy was required to push, not lift, the stone off the ground. The heavier the stone, the more energy was required. Edgar Cayce stated that "the stones were moved much like iron floats upon water." Archaeologist assert that the stones were moved by rolling timbers, brought from Lebanon, underneath the blocks. Wouldn’t you have loved to been in the lumber business then! They remain undaunted even if no evidence of these timbers have ever been found. Even though a sand ramp was built it was for walking along side the stones. As few as three men could move a stone up to the working level. The surface of the ramp was smoothed and harden for ease of travel and to equalize the upward pushing effect of the stone. Archaeologist maintain the limestone and granite blocks were cut with copper tools, a metal much softer than the stone themselves. I assure you if this were the case, the Egyptians would still be hacking away in the quarries. Over two million stones were "cut" and yet there is hardly any tools that were found to support this theory. The fact is very few of the stones used in the pyramid were actually cut. In truth, most of the stones were dissolved using, again, a sophisticated machine that loosened the cohesive charge within the atoms and molecules. The potential block became then nothing more than a pile of limestone. This was loaded in boxes, floated down the Nile, through a canal dug up to the construction sight, and lifted up the ramp with the anti-gravity machine to the top. This pile of limestone was then placed in a slurry and poured in forms very much like we would pour cement today. This also explains the close tolerances of the abutted blocks. Blocks already poured could be used to form the sides of new blocks with just a thin layer of parchment paper separating the blocks to allow for expansion. In time the parchment paper would dissolve from the chemicals in the stone not leaving a trace of evidence of their existence. In this way, several hundred blocks could be poured, rather than cut, each day. Work was usually started on the north end to allow the dry south wind to speed the drying and curing. In the heat of the day, however, the newly poured blocks were covered with a canvas canopy to block the heat of the intense sun so the blocks would not set up too fast and crack. In the book, The Giza Power Plant, the author’s chemical analysis of some of the stone blocks reveal polymers. Polymers are what the concrete industry used to affect hardness. In essence, this could be best described as concrete glue. These reconstituted limestone blocks were needed to withstand the enormous pressures and weight of several additional layers of blocks. Also, many of the limestone blocks had imperfections within their makeup that would pulverize and weaken the block. Especially the lower blocks and those surrounding the rooms inside needed to be of a higher strength. The only limestone blocks that were actually quarried were the end stones as these didn’t support much weight above them. These were "cut" with a blade that passed through them like a knife passes through soft butter. The cut side was "soften" by a particle accelerator that allowed the blade to pass through rather easily without heating or causing deterioration of the cohesive elements within the stone. This allowed for clean right angles and straight edges. The tools and machines mentioned above were just some of the many used. Most of the tools used highly advance understandings on the makeup of and cohesive properties of atoms and subatoms. Most of the machines were light weight. Many were even hand held. Edgar Cayce stated in one of his readings that there was a tunnel connecting the Sphinx and the Great Pyramid. Within this tunnel would be found many of the machines used to build the Great Pyramid. This I believe, actually know, to be true. Great care was taken that these not fall in the wrong hands or be used by someone who wasn’t dedicated to the construction of the pyramid. Before I conclude this article, I cannot stop without mentioning Hermes Trismegistus. Hermes is attributed by many esoteric teachings, as well as Edgar Cayce, to have been the architect of the Great Pyramid. In Manly Hall’s book, The Secret Teachings of All Ages, there is a large painted picture of Hermes. Though the muscle depicts his body’s physical strength, the face is a very poor representation of the beauty and inner strength of will that this man had. Even though he was in charge of overseeing the construction of the pyramid, Hermes treated each worker with equal importance, concern and compassion. He was up working before the sun and still working way after sundown. He wasn’t one who you could get close to, but he was always present for you when you needed something. He knew your wife and your children by name, your birthday. He was someone we all admired. He was someone we all yearned to be like in body, mind, and spirit. He could be stern when he had to be, soft and yielding when the heat took it’s toll on us workers of less stamina and strength. There was no detail that wasn’t important, no tasks too pressing that a laugh or a joke couldn’t be fitted into. He was God magnified in human form and walking among us! Edgar Cayce stated in one of his readings that Hermes just took a human form. This I cannot say to be true, but there were rumors and talk amongst us to be sure. We knew we were in the presence of an extraordinary soul with an energy, a light, a charisma that the rest of us weren’t able to call up at will. He just carried it naturally. There was even a super-natural harmony when he walked. Cayce said that he appeared to float when he walked. Not quite, but the laws of the earth yielded to, even magnified, his stature and strength. Hermes could have easily been the very first superstar. What a magnificent being! What a magnificent ending to the human experience that awaits us at perfection! Even though I believe I am one of the seven or eight that carries the numbers and calculations that are significant within my subconscious, I also, as did the others, perform many other jobs to help complete the pyramid. The work was hard , the heat intense. After several years, a body grows weary. Edgar Cayce said that it took one hundred years to complete the Great Pyramid. I think I only lived to see half it’s height (over 65%) completed.


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"Great way to push the story toward focus!" I wrote after reading Reverend Evadne

Tuxhorn"s January newsletter. She had described a "weird experience" following Y2K and had urged her readers to respond with their own. I decided to do so. But now, several days later, I am more interested in the general pattern of which Reverend Tuxhorn’s "waking up on January 1st" is an excellent example. She realized she was "out of sync" with her body, "like part of me was in one dimension and part in another. I remember thinking I didn’t belong here in 2000, I should have been gone from this dimension... Why am I still here? I couldn’t shake it, couldn’t eat, drink or function." Then later that morning, after struggling through various activities, she "looked in the mirror and everything snapped back into place, ZAP,, just like that! I looked at my reflection and I looked GOOD. and I smiled at myself and felt fine after that."

Like Reverend Tuxhorn, I sense that some of us passed through a type of dimensional threshold related to Y2K. Also like her, I had experienced many digital 4:44 and 11:11 alerts leading up to the setting of the sun against the rising full moon on Winter Solstice. I experience the pregnant moon giving birth to the solar King as the threshold of actual Christmas, the Turning Point of the Ages. In my body, I experienced that moment as the time specific stargate which many had anticipated might occur at midnight on 01/01/00.

Of course December 25th and January 1st are arbitrary calendar dates, rather than astronomically significant events. But because of the coincidence of the potential failure of the infrastructure due to computer glitches and, in popular thinking, the end of the second millennium - a consensus reality field-wave was sweeping the planet on the evening of December 31st and into the next morning. In my case, I attended a spectacular bonfire and did ceremony in the medicine wheel at midnight.

Although I felt fairly certain that on January 1st the world would be much as it had been on December 31st, I hoped that something about myself would change. Hurrah for Reverend Tuxhorn! Like the prophesied newborns who utilize more of their DNA than adults do, I think she used the mirror which was Y2K to tune the receptor set within herself to a broader and deeper channel. She is different now. By seeing herself in that mirror she was able to zap into better integration.

There are currents of transformational energies streaming through the shared unconscious underpinnings of our individual lives. As in the past, our species can mutate. Something new can be built upon that which has gone before. How many of us have done that? Can we choose what direction we will take? By attuning to the portals of change while playing the keys which correspond to our highest intentions, we can select the sequences which beneficially affect our emergent selves. We should play this new chord until the transformational field spreads out in a manner helpful to all our brothers and sisters. We should establish a more beautiful resonance between individual musicians who are called magicians by those who don’t believe in magic. Y2K provided a platform for an improved configuration of the instrumental orchestration of our genetic heritage. Nevertheless, on New Year’s morning I experienced a disorientation, just as Reverend Tuxhorn did. Once I was up and around, I turned on the TV, aat first just to see if it worked. With a sigh of relief, my first impulse was to celebrate the beautifully programed presentation of "all is well on Gaia. Everyone is paartying!" But very quickly I needed to turn away. I was painfully aware that although everything looked great in the sight-and-sound bites they were showing us, we had no way of knowing what was going on for the mass of humanity. We were being fed a party line. The programming had been determined in advance of the actual event. I couldn’t shake the feeling that if in fact, as they wanted us to believe, nothing had changed - then a real opportunity had been missed!

In my case my disorientation was a sort of Post-Millenium Jitter Bug. The sign-wave I had caught from the solstice through the Y2K ceremony aat the medicine wheel was shaking my heart. That was the dimension I woke up vibrating to. It didn’t seem to correspond with the pageant presented on TV, although certainly the pageant was reassuring and exactly, so far as it went, what we wanted - nothing but flowers and Champaign all over the world.

Because of technological innovation, particularly global media, we live in a world of possibilities. Through the Internet, the World Wide Web, CNN, and related means we have immediate access to stories horrendous and spectacular - depending on how we select the in-put. As Joseph Campbell used to say, the mythological horizons haave been leveled. We can no longer settle into a cozy explanation of what is going on in the world.

The great hop, I think, is that we will have the courage to take the controls and make something good of ourselves in the context of the hoope of all peoples. We can no longer believe it is good or finished just because here and now it is good for us, even if TV claims it is so for everyone. We can tune into happy programs from the producers at the National Broadcasting, but the vision in which we see ourselves must become deeper and broader than that. We should select the best self we can express and recognize that is whaat we are in the process of becoming. We are the acorns of the oak tree of the future of our species. We are not fully arrived yet, although having the vision we sould never lose track of the path. We can quicken our steps.

Since New Year’s morning I have been fumbling and mumbling around these issues. The 11:11 and 4:44 patterns kept waking me up from the trance of other occupations. I knew that whatever had drawn me toward the Y2K threshold wasn’t done with me yet. Then driving on the interstate on January 20th, eager to get home in time to celebrate the next full moon, I glanced east and saw that an eclipse had begun. I hadn’t heard that the spiritual beings who inhabit the star naations, just like we do, were sending and receiving another message. That night I realized that the threshold I had anticipated as a moment coinciding with Winter Solstice/Full Moon wasn’t a gate we encountered and moved through if we were tuned properly, or missed if we weren’t. It was an opening in an ongoing process mirrored in the heavens. One round of the GreatMother’s month had passed since the birth of the solar child from the pregnant moon. On the twenty-eight night the earth’s warm shadow covered the lunar child, returning the compliment of sun and shade.

One thirteenth through the New Year, focused on the reflection of myself in the mirror of these experiences, I rededicate myself to respondind to the opportunities everywhere and always present to make something better of my life. Like Reverend Tuxhorn, I woke up on January 1, 2000, a bit uncertain what dimension my body should be living in. Here it is -- this heart world -- earth - Tellus. More to come in the future.

Jay Bremyer’s most recent books are The Chemical Cook: A true account of Mystical Initiation in the Georgia Woods (published by Barrytown/Station Hill), and The Dance of Created Lights: A Sufi Tale (published by New Falcon). Both are available from local bookstores and amazon.com. Contact Jay at (316)654-3695 or bremyer@midusa.net.

Cynthia Killion

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We are gathered here to travel together for a little while. Then in diverse directions we have to go; but if we have divine love in our souls, no matter where we go we shall meet again....... We can never remain apart.

-Paramahansa Yogananda


by Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Ph.D Ballantine Books 1992 Abridged on Sounds True Audio, read by the author


As a senior Jungian analyst, Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes is used to dealing in archetypes. The followers of Carl Jung explain the world, especially the human psyche, in terms of archetypes. Webster defines the Jungian archetype as, "an inherited idea or mode of thought....that is derived from the experience of the race and is present in the unconscious of the individual." Archetypes are most easily found in old, old stories, such as Hansel and Gretel, which speaks of the child’s fear of being abandoned.

"Viscerally, I come to stories as a cantadora storyteller, keeper of the old stories," Dr. Pinkola Estes says. "I come from a long line of tellers: mesemondak, old Hungarian women, who tell while sitting on wooden chairs....and cuentistas, old Latina women, who stand....and cry out the story."

As a storyteller Dr. Pinkola Estes weaves stories from diverse cultures together to express many of the innate needs of humans and women in particular. One of Dr. Pinkola Estes’ greatest assets as a storyteller is her voice, which has the calm, mesmerism of a mother telling a bedtime story.

"Don’t play this tape while you’re driving, " warns Dr. Carol Konek, professor of Women’s Studies at Wichita State University.

In Women Who Run With The Wolves, Dr. Pinkola Esstes discusses the archetypes found in familiar and not-so-well-known fairy tales. She uses the archetypes to explain women’s needs for what is natural and wild. "Wildlife and the Wild Woman are both endangered species, " she says. "Over time, we have seen the feminine instinctive nature looted, driven back, and overbuilt."

In La Loba, for instance, we learn the importance of recognizing La Que Sabe, the One Who Knows, the wild life-force that lives within each of us. "She is circumspect, often hairy, always fat," Dr. Pinkola Estes. La Loba (the She Wolf) spends her time collecting bones and singing over them to bring them to life. "We all begin as a bundle of bones lost somewhere in a desert," Dr. Pinkola Estes says. "It is our work to recover the parts...People do meditation to find psychic alignment. That’s why people do psychotherapy and analysis. That’s why people analyze their dreams and make art."

Bluebeard teaches us to beware the natural predator of the psyche, the animal groom. Vasalisa the Wise teaches the value of following one’s intuition. the Ugly Duckling speaks of being a misfit, as does Dr, Pinkola Estes own tale of The Mistaken Zygote. And so on.

"Stories are medicine," Dr. Pinkola Estes says. "I have been taken with stories since I heard my first. They have such power; they do not require that we do, be, act anything - we need only listen."

One of my favorite ideas of those presented by Dr. Pinkola Estes is that of Descansos. Descanosos are the little crossed one sometimes sees along a roadway that mark the place where someone has left this life. "Women have died a thousand deaths before they are twenty years old. They’ve gone in this direction or that, and have been cut off," Dr. Pinkola Estes writes. "I like to make a time-line of a woman’s life on a big long sheet of white butcher paper, and to mark with a cross the places along the graph, starting with her infancy all the way to the present where parts and pieces of her self and her life have died."

A note for our readers of the male persuasion. Women Who Run With The Wolves is not anti-men. It has much to say to men who love women - lovers, wives, daughters, mothers, friends - as well as to women themselves.

Women Who Run With The Wolves is available at the White Dove in audio tape or book form. Other works by Dr. Pinkola Estes are available on audio tape.

"I AM!"

by Cynthia Killion

"I am". These are two of the most powerful words in the English Language, and yet they are often misused. They are so powerful, that even God Himself (or Herself) was called "I Am" in the Old Testament. Sadly, that same name of God has been used by many of us to create negative realities for ourselves. How many times have your heard yourself say, "I am broke", or "I am fat (or ugly)" or "I am in a bad relationship" or "I am sick of my job’? These statements are just a small sampling of some of the negative phrases that often follow "I am". And how disheartening it is, for whatever follows these two words is usually what we become. Let me repeat that idea in a different way: Whatever comes out of your mouth after "I am" is what you are choosing to become! We should all consider this the next time we hear ourselves beginning to say "I am..."

The good news is that both you and I can use the words "I am" to create positive changes in our lives. Instead of matching "I am" with words like "broke", "fat", "ugly," or "sick", you could use words like "prosperous", "energetic", "happy", "thin", "beautiful", or "healthy". In fact, you could use any word to describe any quality or situation you are trying to manifest. I call this using the power of "I am language".

I might add that "I am" language has proven to be effective in creating positive change in a multitude of areas, not the least of which would be the area of prosperity. I have used "I am" language many, many times to create prosperity for myself, and I continue to use it on a daily basis. One of the simplest ways to use "I am" language for prosperity has already been mentioned. Instead of saying, "I am broke" say "I am prosperous" or "I am now financially well-off and self-sufficient". Up to your neck in bills? The last thing you want to do is keep affirming "I am up to my neck in bills!" Instead, try saying, "I am debt-free and prosperous" or "I am now able to pay all my bills, easily and effortlessly!" Continue using "I am" language on a daily basis, and before you know it, you will be blessed beyond your fondest dreams.

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