Fall 2001

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by Dale Michael Martin

The second chakra or “spleen” chakra as it is sometimes referred to is known in Sanskrit as Svadhishthana or “dwelling place of the self”. Yogi’s contend that near this area is the seat of the soul. Using Edgar Cayce’s information this chakra is located just below the navel and is the primary generator of the cells of Leydig, the gland that operates the lymphatic system. This chakra is described as a six-petaled wheel that vibrates with the color orange and the water element. It is symbolically depicted as the black horse and the church of Smyrna in the Book of Revelation. As with the first chakra, there is much information that is not in agreement pertaining to the location and the areas of the body that are affected. Also, there is much variance as to the behavioral characteristics associated with this chakra. For the most part, we are going to use the information supplied to us by Caroline Myss and Harish Johari when we look at the behaviors associated with a healthy or dysfunctional second chakra.


Caroline Myss points out in her book, Anatomy of the Spirit, the sacred truth inherent to this chakra is to Honor One Another. In addition, she denotes this chakra to resonate with the sacrament of communion. Where the first chakra energized the self and the basic survival needs, the second chakra has us enter into relationships. We begin to think and reason, to make choices and learn to use our powers and desires that come from the first chakra. These choices come from the basic desires to have money, sex, prestige, food, family, shelter, security and power. As in all choices there is a state of duality and conflict that is created in the mind. Our analytical mind makes us aware of the ying/yang, male/female, positive/negative, aggressive and receptive tendencies of life. Becoming aware of opposites and how to manage choices enlightens us to the spiritual work that is ahead of us in dealing with second chakra energy and the remaining chakras, for that matter. The ultimate truth that brings this second chakra into balance is understanding that it is not what we chose that matters, but the reasons why we make a certain choice. Within this new found use of our ability to make choices caution must be taken as to not become in grossed in a fantasy world. Our imagination should be used to set goals and see possibilities not to be become lost in countless, useless day dreams. We must search our soul asking if our decisions and perceptions are coming from a place of fear or love. Primary fears may be a loss of control either monetarily, amongst our associates, and/or with the loss of power in the physical body. In addition, these fears and negative choices can result in physical and mental ailments such as prostate or ovarian cancer, chronic back pain, lymphatic cancer, arthritis, schizophrenia, confusion, and loss of memory. Other fear based behaviors will result in obsessions and excessive/compulsive disorders. Our sacred choices will manifest in our ability to survive financially, take risks, be resilient through losses of family, friends, power, or property.

For this chakra to function properly, we must actively “exercise” this energy center, that is, consciously attempt to increase the spiritual flow of energy through this area to purify and burn out the toxicity or dross that may have accumulated through the course of living day to day. There are several ways that we can cleanse this wheel. Daily meditation is good for this as well as the other chakras. In meditation, we consciously make an effort to tap into our creative spiritual energy. Through a very natural process controlled by our unconscious mind or parasympathetic system, only the energy that is conducive to our healing and that we can handle is allowed to flow through our system. In essence, this spiritual energy is a very low electrical frequency that purges or “cleanses by fire” this chakra and the remaining chakras as it rises upward through the hollow channel in the spine called the sushumi.

Toning can be another way to stimulate this gland. The long sound of the letter A resonates with this chakra as well as the musical note of D. When we chant the letter A or play a D note we would close our eyes and feel the sensations as they resonate through our bodies. You will notice that the vibrations resonate near the navel or lower belly. In this way we “excite” or stimulate the purging of this chakra.

The cells of leydig control the lymphatic system, the clear liquid which lies just below the skin. The lymphatic system serves to remove toxicity in the body as well as to help cool or warm the body. There are two ways to stimulate this area to pump lymph through the body. The first is by strenuous exercise. The other is by deep breathing. By keeping a continuous energy flow through the lymphatic system we help insure our bodies do not become engrossed in toxicity and lethargy. Rigorous exercise, running, yoga, tai chi, sports, hiking, and other strenuous movements help insure the pumping of the lymph throughout our bodies. In addition, the practice of pranayama, a yogic breathing series, also stimulates a healthy second chakra.


Sit comfortably with the spine as straight as possible. Surround you body with a white light of protection. Begin by taking several deep breaths feeling the expansion of the lungs as they massage the internal organs. Specifically, we are wanting the lungs to fan the fiery energy of our chakras as we expand and retract the breathing organ. Begin to run your awareness up and down the spine keeping the breathe deep as you go. Try to become aware of any energy centers or feelings of warmth as you go along the spine. Now locate the area an inch just below the navel in the front of your body. This is the area of the cells of leydig. Extend your consciousness straight back to the area along the spine. Become sensitive to this area of the spine. Chant the long A sound and see if you can feel the energy becoming stimulated here or near here. After you find this area (it may take a while), envision a six-petaled wheel lying flat along the spine. Radiate an orange color throughout this wheel (chakra). Next spin this wheel clockwise for a minute then counter-clockwise for another minute. Feel the radiation as you imagine this chakra energizing the body. Next allow the chakra to spin whatever direction that is necessary to bring balance to the body. Sit silently for ten minutes or so being aware of any thoughts or perception that might be given to you from your higher self.


by Steve Carter

One of the members of my dream group, I’ll call him Tom, had a dream about a year ago that was not only a very practical dream, but also a kind of answered prayer. He had been out of work for awhile, was about to go for some job interviews, and wondered if there was anything he might do to improve his chances of being hired. He had actually tried to “incubate” a dream on that subject. The result was all he could have hoped for. In his dream, he was evidently at a job interview and found himself showing the people around the table pictures of previous jobs he’d done. They seemed quite interested in the pictures. When he awoke, Tom realized the dream had hit on an excellent device to use at his upcoming job interviews. He hadn’t thought of using pictures of previous work-his job usually involved planning and presenting cost estimates for oil and natural gas pipelines for major oil companies, and he’d never thought of using pictures at such job interviews. But he decided to follow the suggestions in his dreams anyway. At the next job interview he showed some pictures and found that the interviewers responded with great interest and attention, ,just as the people at the table in his dream had reacted. And he got the job. The dream that Tom had was a very hard-headed, practical dream, a literal answer to a felt need. Such a dream doesn’t seem to fit the mold of what we think dreams are or do. Yet dreams can often be quite literal and matter-of-fact, as Tom’s dream was, coming in response to a direct request. Before Tom had the dream, we had just discussed in the dream group how to “incubate” dreams (as discussed in Gayle Delaney’s book Living Your Dreams) and he decided to give it a try.

But dreams can incorporate an enormous range of subject material and suggestion. They can be extremely literal and “physical”, as with Tom’s dream, or they can be highly “spiritual” and suggestive, or they can be anything in between. I’ve had dreams giving me suggestions for diet (olive oil, carrots, and radishes) and one dreamer I know had a dream that seemed to show clairvoyance by suggesting (after the dreamer had a flare-up of an illness) that he see a specific doctor he’d never consciously met or heard about. Dreams can fall into almost any category and can serve almost any purpose.

Here’s one that a lady, call her Wanda, told at a recent dream group. This dream would certainly be categorized as “spiritual” or metaphysical, yet it has psychological and behavioral dimensions and implications as well. In her dream, Wanda finds herself in a car at night under a sky full of stars. Her husband is driving, and suddenly the sky fills with even more stars and she realizes that these new lights are moving very rapidly through the sky like UFO’s, darting at right angles without slowing down or behaving like aircraft which would veer gradually in making a turn. Then, she sees one of the lights go down in the distance. It looks like a shooting star.

She points this out to her husband and says she thinks it’s a UFO. He disagrees, saying it was probably just an airplane going down. “Have you ever seen airplanes going that fast and turning at right angles like that?” she asks. He doesn’t answer this, after a moment, he parks outside a building, a cafe perhaps or a service station, and goes inside, leaving Wanda in the car alone. She gets out and is standing there alone, not feeling at all bad about being alone, when one of the UFOs apparently lands nearby and four or five occupants get out. the UFO is smaller and looks actually like a toy. It’s like the fuselage absent wings of one of the old biplanes, and with an open cockpit, but she knows it’s a UFO. The people are just like regular human beings. They tell her their names and actually write their names on a piece of paper, and she tries to remember the names, but the only one she remembers is “Monterey.” What could Wanda learn from a dream like this? Obviously, the dreamer herself is the only one who can determine the real meaning of a dream, but the other people can help sometimes--if they concentrate on the dream itself and avoid trying to give “pat” interpretations from other sources. Montague Ullman, who has written a number of books and articles that serve nowadays as the basis for dream groups around the country, suggest that anybody in a dream group preface his or her remarks about another person’s dreams by saying, “if it were my dream, it might suggest,” or “it might be saying, might mean, etc.” In that way, the dreamer can use the information any way he or she likes. And in fact, unless a person is very psychic or knows the dreamer very well, it’s unlikely that a person interpreting another person’s dream can do much more than give what the dream would mean “If it were my dream” anyway. We all, unavoidably, color our comments about other’s dreams by our own filters and preconceptions. In this case, members had a number of comment about the dream. For one thing, several people felt that she was on the “road of her life” and that this was an aspect of her life where the driving force was her husband or her male side as represented by her husband (her husband was driving the car). Since it involves the heavens and conflicting views of celestial events, it could indicate some differences in viewpoint between her an her husband with regard to religion or transpersonal or metaphysical realities. Most of these comments Wanda was in agreement with. Her husband, though likes science-fiction, has a curiosity that is more science-based and practical, while Wanda’s interest are more metaphysical and spiritual. She had been reading some highly metaphysical books about the time of the dream and perhaps feeling a little isolated, since her husband does not share the same kind and degree of interest in those subjects. The husband’s explanation for the “falling star” reflect the differences in their point of view. The fact that the husband later on goes inside a building and leaves her in the car also underlines the fact that she’s really alone or on her own in this area of speculation. Then, she’s actually visited by some ET’s and even given names. She only remembers one of the names, “Monterey,” but the fact she is given names suggest that she’s really beginning to get in touch with some “higher forces.” The name “Monterey” could suggest the actual new age “Esalen” workshops that take place in the Monterey area, or it might just be a play on words. “Monterey” could suggest a high (mount) ray (rey). In fact, some of the books she was reading at the time discussed the “seven rays.” The “open” cockpit and the old style plane fuselage could suggest an openness to higher forces and the fact that what she’s tapping into is an “older” approach to or source of this area of knowledge. So it seems that this dream is a reflection of and commentary on some of her interests in spiritual and metaphysical areas, especially as those interest bear on her relationship with her husband and her need or lack of need for approval. When the group finished talking about the dream, Wanda was grateful for the suggestions given and felt that they gave her some very interesting ideas to think about, but her main feeling from the dream, was the sense that even though she was alone in her sightings of the UFOs and her meeting the ETs, she didn’t feel at all bad about it. She feels perfectly happy going it alone in this area. In other words, the dream indicated to her that she is, and can safely continue to be, unaffected by her husband’s attitudes and interest one way or the other. He has his interest; she has hers. She did feel, as the other dream group members felt as well, that she was gaining spiritually from her metaphysical studies. The dream definitely indicates that she’s getting into contact with higher forces and she seemed to feel this might be true.

Now, while Wanda’s dream was not as specific or “amazing” (except in its subject matter) as some dreams, it certainly gave her some fertile ground for thinking about her life. Whatever she does with the ideas, whether she writes about them in a journal or just mulls them over in her mind, they can help focus and direct her thinking and her life. The dream gave her a snapshot of her attitudes and interests “at the moment”. Flip Wilson used to talk about “The Church of What’s Happening Now”, and a dream is scripture from that church. Your comments are welcome with regard to the above dreams, and if you have a dream you’d like to have discussed in this bulletin as the above dream was discussed, you might submit the dream to “White Dove News” in care of Dale Michael Martin or to Steve Carter at the below e-mail address, and perhaps it will be possible to include it in a future article.

Steve Carter teaches English writing to foreign students at Wichita State University. He can be reached at (316)263-8896 or email steve.carter3@worldnet.att.net. Readers may submit their dreams to Steve or come in and have our crackpot staff interpret your dream.


For those of you who are concerned with the future of our young people and the choices they make, I would just ask you to come into our shop and see the new layout. My lovely daughters, Kelly and Noe, along with their two very creative friends, Kelly Graf and Shawn Hess, come in early on Sunday, July 8th, and worked till the wee hours of July 9th rearranging the shop. I must say that I was quite impressed with the result as have most of our customers. As you walk through the shop you may see things that you haven’t before. It’s probably just because they are displayed a little more creatively and uniquely. My heart felt thanks goes out to these wonderful young people who saw a new way to do something old. I love the new layout! I hope that you do. But more importantly, it’s the feeling that I get knowing we can trust the future to our young adults to come up with better solutions to old problems that we haven’t thought of. As the song goes, “God bless the child who can stand up and say ‘I got my own’.”


When the great Hindu Master Ramana Maharshi was dying, he replied to his devotees’ frantic pleas not to leave them by saying, “But where would I go?”

There was a Zen student who queried his master as to what happens after death. His master smiled and said, “I do not know.” “How can that be? You are a Zen Master.” “Yes, “ he replied. But I am not a dead Zen Master.”


Once upon a time there was a conquering army going through villages, killing and pillaging as it went. The soldiers caused terror in the hearts of the people in the countryside, and were expecially harsh with the monks they found in the monasteries, not only humiliating them but often subjecting them to terrible physical torture. There was one particular harsh captain who was infamous for his cruelty, and when he arrived in a certain town, he asked his adjutant for a report about the people who lived there. His inferior reported: “All the people are very frightened of you and are bowing down to you.” This gave the captain great pleasure, of course. Then the adjutant continued, “In the local monastery all the monks have fled to the mountains in terror. Except for one monk.” Hearing this, the captain became furious and rushed to the monastery in search of the monk who dared to defy him. When he pushed open the gates, there in the middle of the courtyard stoood the monk, watching him without fear. The captain walked up to him and asked in his haughtiest voice, “Don’t you know who I am? Why, I could take my sword and run it through your belly without blinking an eye!” “And don’t you know who I am?” replied the monk, gently. “I could have your sword run through my belly without blinking an eye.” With that, the captain recognizing the greater truth of the moment, sheathed his sword, bowed, and left.


Dear God,

I feel an empty space within me, a place where I would so love to love. I know that if my beloved came here, I would adore and cherish, honor and serve him. Please give me the opportunity to expand my heart into the life of another in the holiest way, the most beautiful way, the most intimate way, if that serves Your purpose. For I would learn the secrets of love and use what I learn to grace the life of another. What a marvelous possibility, Lord, that such a treasure would be placed in my hands. Please do this. I will try by best. Amen.

-excerpt from Illuminata by Marianne Williamson


A IS FOR.....

Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese medical technique of healing people by sticking them with needles. Western doctors have recently discovered Acupuncture and find it similar to their more modern technique of sticking patients with large medical bills. Western doctors are now using Acupuncture to block the sensation of pain, while the Chinese use it to remove the cause of pain. naturally such inscrutable Oriental purposes have no appeal to doctors or their accountants.

The Akashic Records are a great big VCR in the sky that records everything that ever happens, particularly about you. (Yes, even that time when you thought you were alone in your room is there). The Akashic Records are sometimes confused with Santa Claus’ files which, of course, tell him if you’ve been “naughty or nice.” They are not the same. With Santa’s records, you at least stand a 50% chance of getting goodies. The Akashic Records are Cosmically Impartial - no prezzies.

Astrology uses the movement and positions of the planets to tell people what they are like and what is going to happen to them. For astrological purposes the Earth is considered to be the center of the solar system (Well, Astrology isn’t exactly and exact science). A person who studies Astrology is called an Astrologer. Being an Astrologer is not easy. It takes hard work, great sensitivity, a clear analytical mind, and the ability to keep a straight face.

Auras are fields of energy around our bodies which most of us can’t see. All genuine New Age people believe in Auras, although few can see them. Auras have different colors. You can tell how highly evolved people are by the color of their auras. However, there are so many different theories about Auras that people are confused about which colors are better than others, which of course is very important to New Age people. Everybody does agree that having any color Aura is better than having none at all. Here is the final definitive, scientific rating of Aura colors:
White - Forget it. They’re avoiding you. You wouldn’t know one if it bit you.
Violet - Very, very high. If you see someone with a violet aura, try to ingratiate yourself.
Blue - Highly conscious, although somewhat pompous. Blue-green - Semi conscious. Fun at parties.
Green - Reasonably conscious. Very healthy. Fond of plants.
Yellow - Average. Some hope for evolution, although unlikely to be interested in it.
Orange - Has moments of consciousness. Uninspired sexual partner.
Red - Passionate and quick tempered, but not very b-r-i-g-h-t.
Brown - Traditionally referred to as “robot-consciousness.” Often successful in politics. California has produced two presidents like this.
Black - Unpleasant at best. Avoid them.



This is a reminder that we have all 14,000 + documented Edgar Cayce readings on CD-ROM. Included with these readings are any letters or other notes that pertain to a specific topic.

Recently, one of my yoga students asked for any information that Edgar Cayce gave pertaining to a “ringing in the ears” problem she was having. On researching the files, I was able to pull up 32 documents on my computer with information relating to the problem and the medical cures that were given.

If you have any subject that you would like to have researched from the Edgar Cayce source, give us a call. All we ask us a couple of days and a love offering for our paper and computer time.


Scholars have long debated the exact ethnicity and nationality of Jesus. Recently, at a theological meeting in Rome, scholars had a heated debate on this subject. One by one, they offered their evidence......

Three proofs that Jesus was Hispanic 1. His first name was Jesus 2. He was bilingual 3. He was always being harassed by authorities But then, there were equally good arguments that...........

Jesus was African American 1. He called everybody “brother” 2. He liked Gospel music 3. He couldn’t get a fair trial But then, there were equally good arguments that...........

Jesus was Jewish 1. He went into His Father’s business 2. He lived at home until He was 33 3. He was sure His Mother was a virgin, and his Mother was sure He was God But then, there were equally good arguments that...........

Jesus was Italian 1. He talked with His hands 2. He had wine with every meal 3. He used olive oil But then, there were equally good arguments that...........

Jesus was Californian 1. He never cut His hair 2. He walked around barefoot 3. He started a new religion , But there were equally good arguments that...........

Jesus was Irish 1. He never got married 2. He was always telling stories 3. He loved green pastures But perhaps the most compelling evidence...........

Three proofs that Jesus was a woman 1. He had to feed a crowd at a moment’s notice when there was no food 2. He kept trying to get the message across to a bunch of men who just didn’t get it 3. Even when He was dead, He had to get up because there was more work to do