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by Dale Michael Martin

Before we begin the study of the stars, there is one very important point that needs to be understood. The astrological chart is make up of two wheels, a bottom stationary wheel and an upper movable wheel. The bottom wheel designates the twelve houses. These twelve houses make up the astrological chart, whether natal (birth chart), progressed (your snapshot at a certain time in your life), or a horary chart (a chart that allows us to predict events in the present or future. The upper chart, containing the astrological signs, rotates clockwise every 4 minutes changing the house cusps, or division lines between each house, by one full degree. Consequently, birth time becomes very important. We can have 360 individuals that are born 4 minutes apart on the exact same day and have 360 entirely different and unique individuals with different interpretations. Birth time deposits the various planets and signs in the appropriate houses. It is also important to understand that all charts are made up of the twelve houses and the twelve astrological signs. We all have the energy of Taurus or Libra or Pisces, etc., somewhere in our natal chart. What makes us unique is the house and/or planets and degrees of the planets and houses that they are deposited. With this in mind and not going any farther because of the complexity of astrology, we start are analysis of the stars.


Whenever we ask someone their astrological sign they will give it with where the Sun was at the time of their birth. The Sun is the strongest planet in our solar system and depicts how are spirit projects itself into our physical world. It also signifies our strongest ego tendency. So when we speak of Cancer we are talking about the Sun sign. Be aware that all of the planets in our solar system, at sometime, will travel through the sign of Cancer as well as the other twelve signs.

Cancer is the fourth sign of the zodiac as well as the ruler of the fourth house and falls on the days between June 22nd and July 21st.

Psychological Attributes of the Cancer. The Cancerian is a very home based individual. Even though they love to travel (as does the moon, there ruling planet) , they always appreciate their home roots. This is where they find there actual security. Their home is their spiritual foundation as well as are family ties. Cancers will have either strong bonds or adversities with their mother. Cancer is a feminine sign and, regardless of male or female, there are extremely sensitivity and emotional. Cancers are very psychic and feeling and would do well to listen to these "gut" feelings. One of the lessons Cancerians need to learn is to not spend too much time in crowds as they soak up other peoples energy and emotions. When a Cancer goes out in public, they come back exhausted from their excursion. Being a water sign, it is well they either shower or bathe as the water not only washes off these absorbed emotions and water serves to restrengthen their energy field. Cancers can be very moody and changing as often as the Moon changes signs. When a Cancer is having difficulty dealing with their feelings and emotions, it is not uncommon for them to "clam up" (being the Crab symbol they are) and disappear for an extended period of time until they can sort out their feelings and arrive at a decision that they think is more beneficial to them. Cancers never forget a mistake and must be careful about living in the past. However, there are more millionaires that are Cancers since they learn from their past mistakes and have a tendency to "hold on" to what they have earned.

Careers for the Cancerians. The Cancer loves history and the past. Career tendencies would lead the Crab toward vocations that deal with the past such as an antique dealer, historian, archaeology and/or anthropology, home restoration and or building, and real estate more with an emphasis on family dwellings. Other vocations using the Cancerian psyche would be in counseling (especially family) and psychology and/or psychiatrist. In the fields of art, careers in music (vocalist) and advertising using their ability with design and color contrast would be two excellent choices for the sensitive Crab. Since traveling is one of their loves, a career in the travel industry could also fit their lifestyle.

Relationships for the Crab. The Cancer is naturally attracted to their opposite sign which is Capricorn. The Capricorn fills the void that the Cancer does not have and vice versa. Also, any of the other Water signs such as Scorpio or Pisces have the psychic sensitivity that the Cancerian needs in their life. It is important to give the Cancer space to sort out their true feelings or they may appear to overloaded and confused at times and become fatigued from the dross of emotions that they soak up. They’ll come out of their shell only when ready. Then they’ll talk but not before then. Other attributes of Cancer People. Cancer is ruled by the stomach and the breast area. Two attributes make them stand out. It is not uncommon for them to have a "poochy" abdominal region. Since this is their strength, they need to take good care of their stomach. They may not be able to digest milk well and are susceptible to stomach flus and conditions of the stomach. The pancreas is also an area of concern for the Cancer. Be careful of too much sugar intake that could lead to diabetes. Women should be very cautious of their breast and check them often for lumps. In men, look for the receding hairline or balding down the middle of their head (the monk’s look). Cancers for their health, should drink plenty of water, after meals, to replenish the waters of their bodies. Saunas, whirlpools, steambath, and showers should be a part of their lifestyle since, once again, water is a basic building block of their essence. Cancers people may perspire more than usual, but this is good, as it moves the healing water through their bodies and does not allow the emotions to become stagnant. Stagnation will lead the Cancerian to become overweight from holding on to old feelings and emotions.

Living our Fourth House Tendencies. Since we all have a fourth house in our natal chart, this is the way we establish our home, family, and spiritual foundation. This tells us how we interact with the "weak" parent, be it mother or father. This will reflect on our family life, the type of home that we have or build. The fourth house also lets us know how we project and come to know about our emotional nature. It lets us know how we deal with our issues that have occurred in the past. We must learn to ground our roots in the earth and live life in the present. The past is gone and only serves to helps us understand this phenomena we call life. The fourth house is our foundation, our bedrock to help us build our future and to reinterpret our life. It shows us the past, lets us interpret it, but requests that we don’t stay there. The time is now Next Issue: Leo/Sun/ the 5th House


-author unknown

An emperor in the Far East was growing old and knew it was time to choose his successor. Instead of choosing one of his assistants or his children, he decided something different.

He called his young people in the kingdom together one day. He said "It is time for me to step down and choose the next emperor. I have decided to choose one of you."

The kids were shocked! But the emperor continued. "I am going to give each one of you a seed today, one very special seed. I want you to plant the seed, water it an come back here one year from today with what you have grown from this one see. I will then judge the plants that you bring, and the one I choose will be the next emperor!"

One boy named Ling was there that day and he, like the others, received a seed. He went home and excitedly told his mother the story. She helped him get a pot and planting soil, and he planted the seed and watered it carefully.

Every day he would water it and watch to see if it had grown. After about 3 weeks, some of the other youths began to talk about their seed and the plants that were beginning to grow. Ling kept checking his seed, but nothing ever grew. 3 weeks, 4 weeks, 5 weeks went by. Still nothing.

By now, others were talking about their plants but Ling didn’t have a plant, and he felt like a failure. 6 months went by; still nothing in Ling’s pot. He knew he had killed his seed. Everyone else had trees and tall plants, but he had nothing.

Ling didn’t say anything to his friends. He just kept waiting for his seed to grow. A year finally went by and all the youths of the kingdom brought their plants to the emperor for inspection.

Ling told his mother that he wasn’t going to take an empty pot but his mother said he must be honest about what happened. Ling felt sick to his stomach, but he knew his mother was right.

He took his empty pot to the palace. When Ling arrived, he was amazed at the variety of plants by the other youths. They were beautiful, in all shapes and sizes. Ling put his empty pot on the floor and many of the other kids laughed at him. A few felt sorry for him and just said, "Hey, nice try."

When the emperor arrived, he surveyed the room and greeted the young people. Ling just tried to hide in the back. "My, what great plants, trees and flowers you have grown," said the emperor. "Today, one of you will be appointed the next emperor!"

All of a sudden, the emperor spotted LIng at the back of the room with his empty pot. He ordered his guards to bring him to the front. Ling was terrified. "The emperor knows I’m a failure! Maybe he will have me killed!"

When LIng got to the front, the Emperor asked his name. "My name is Ling,: he replied. All the kids were laughing and making fun of him. The emperor asked everyone to quiet down.

He looked at LIng, and then announced to the crowd, "Behold your new emperor! His name is LIng!" Ling couldn’t believe it. Ling couldn’t even grow his seed. How could he be the new emperor?

Then the emperor said, "One year ago today, I gave everyone here a seed. I told you to take the seed, plant it, water it, and bring it back to me today. But I gave you all boiled seeds, which would not grow. All of you, except Ling, have brought me trees and plants and flowers. When you found that the seed would not grow, you substituted another seed for the one I gave you.

Ling was the only one with the courage and honesty to bring me a pot with my seed in it. Therefore, he is the one who will be the new emperor!"

If you plant honesty, you will reap trust.

If you plant goodness, you will reap friends. If you plant humility, you will reap greatness. If you plant perseverance, you will reap victory. If you plant consideration, you will reap harmony. If you plant hard work, you will reap success. If you plant forgiveness, you will reap reconciliation. If you plant openness, you will reap intimacy. If you plant patience, you will reap improvements. If you plant faith, you will reap miracles.


If you plant dishonesty, you will reap distrust. If you plant selfishness, you will reap loneliness. If you plant pride, you will reap destruction. If you plant envy, you will reap trouble. If you plant laziness, you will reap stagnation. If you plant bitterness, you will reap isolation. If you plant greed, you will reap loss. If you plant gossip, you will reap enemies. If you plant worries, you will reap wrinkles. If you plant sin, you will reap guilt.

So be careful what you plant now, it will determine what you will reap tomorrow. The seeds you now scatter will make life worse or better for you or for the ones who will come after. Yes, someday, you will enjoy the fruits or you will pay for the choices you plant today.


The following is an actual question given on a University of Washington chemistry mid-term. The answer by one student was so "profound" that the professor shared it with colleagues, via the Internet, which is, of course, why we now have the pleasure of enjoying it as well.

Bonus Question: Is Hell exothermic (gives off heat) or endothermic (absorbs heat)?

Most of the students wrote proofs of their beliefs using Boyle’s Law (gas cools when it expands and heats when it is compressed) or some variant.

One student, however, wrote the following:

"First, we need to know how the mass of Hell is changing in time. So we need to know the rate at which souls are moving into Hell and the rate at which they are leaving. I think that we can safely assume that once a soul gets to Hell, it will not leave. Therefore, no souls are leaving. As for how many souls are entering Hell, let’s look at the different religions that exist in the world today. Most of these religions state that if you are not a member of their religion, you will go to Hell. Since there is more than one of these religions and since people do not belong to more than one religion, we can project that all souls go to Hell. With birth and death rates as they are, we can expect the number of souls in Hell to increase exponentially. Now, we look at the rate of change of the volume in Hell because Boyle’s Law states that in order for the temperature and pressure in Hell to stay the same, the volume of Hell has to expand proportionately as souls are added. This gives two possibilities:

1) If Hell is expanding at a slower rate than the rate at which souls enter Hell, then the temperature and pressure in Hell will increase until all Hell breaks loose.

2) If Hell is expanding at a rate faster than the increase of souls in Hell, then the temperature and pressure will drop until Hell freezes over...So which is it?

If we accept the postulate given to me by Teresa during my Freshman year that, " will be a cold day in Hell before I sleep with you," and take into account the fact that I still have not succeeded in having an affair with her, then #2 above cannot be true, and thus I am sure that Hell is exothermic and will not freeze over."



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WALKING WITH THE FIRE by Dale Michael Martin

I was always interested in the occult and the paranormal or the supernatural. From early on in my life the unexplained piqued my interest. I remember as a youth watching, on Saturday afternoons, a TV program narrated by Leonard Nimoy (Spock) of Star Trek fame. It was called In Search Of. Every week there was a new phenomenon that was investigated usually with no steadfast conclusion. But the part of the program that really awestruck me was the opening and closing reel that showed what appeared to me natives from a distant culture walking on red-hot coals. What amazing powers did they possess that were not readily accessible to us, I reasoned? And why was I, indoctrinated into the most holy religion, not initiated into this most powerful ritual. It was not even mentioned as one of the preludes to any of the sacraments. Obviously, only savages performed these crazy and death defying acts that were a part of some weird and compulsive religious act. I learned later that fire walking was an act of passage in many cultures including the Native Americans, Hawaiians, Samoans, and many African tribes.

But, for me, the damage and doubt was already done. This fearless act of walking on 1100 degree coals was something that I longed to do for myself. I needed to try just to prove to myself these human beings from another culture didn’t possess any power that was not readily available to me. They had a secret and I wanted to know it!

Twenty-five years later I was talking to a friend and I casually mentioned this desire to walk on hot coals. The Universe spoke through my friend to me who mentioned that they had saw an advertisement on just that phenomenon recently in a new age magazine. The friend even went out of their way to bring the magazine to me and show me the ad. I couldn’t believe it when a few days later I picked up the phone and called the number. Peggy Dylan answered and after speaking to her for about ten minutes, I arranged for her to come to Wichita to lead a firewalk and what was even more frightening after I agreed to the terms was that I was going to have to promote it! Now my friends who thought I was a little odd would know for sure that I was closer to borderline institutional material.

I had put up a few fliers around town and spread the word via friends who might be open minded enough to pass the news along. Then I sat back and hoped that enough people would join in so that I could a least break even on my contract. A few people gave their word paying in advance and as luck would have it we had three or four people commit on the last day of the walk. Earlier in the day of the workshop, I had picked up the firewood and a gallon of kerosene to light the fire. I also made a fruit tray for the group and had arranged a place for our workshop. We were set. Fifteen people, as I recall.

Peggy came in the spring. Her feminine energy was powerful and she spoke with authority, and yet, compassion and understanding. To her, the firewalk was an act of personal empowerment and a step toward claiming your rightful divinity. We all hit it off grandly!

Our five hour workshop started at six o’clock in the evening on a Saturday night. We gathered around and joked about what the hell were we doing there and how we would tell our friends when we showed up for work on Monday and why our feet were bandaged. There was a definite nervous energy about the group. But that tuned out to be good. After introducing ourselves and stating what spoke to us to walk, we set out to light the fire using a Native American ritual thanking the wood for it’s energy. We sprinkled tobacco and sage on the fire while we each gave our own prayers and intentions. Then we went back into the house. Over the course of the workshop we would peer out of the windows and someone would comment how the fire sure looked hot. This brought a lot of laughter to our group.

As the evening darkened, the fire grew dimmer as the logs broke into red-hot coals. Peggy gave us our final instructions. We peeled off whatever footwear we had on and quietly, but nervously, walked out toward the fire. After we raked the coals out flat, we joined hands around the fire and a sang a few songs. I couldn’t believe the heat that emanated from the coals. It was intense! And here I was getting ready to walk across them. I definitely felt blond at that moment.

We were silent around the fire for some time, with nothing but the beauty of the fire, the stars, and our fears. Whenever our guidance led us, we walked to the front of the circle, centered ourselves, and strolled across the fire. I walked three or four different times that evening across the fire, almost dancing but always respecting what I was doing. Some walked more. One participant who came just to participate in the workshop but not walk was so inwardly led to also walk. We stayed out with the fire for over an hour. We thanked all those people who walked before us for giving us the courage and the safety to walk. We knew they walked with us and lived in and through us. By the time we returned to the house our nervous energy had turned to joy and ecstasy. We conclude the workshop by sharing our thoughts, which by now had turned from self doubt to feelings of love and assuredness.

Later in the fall, we had Peggy come back and do another walk. It held the same power as the first one for me. One year later, I was led to Brightenbush, Oregon for a one week seminar to become a firewalking instructor. Brightenbush is located about 75 miles east of Eugene in the forest. A cold and clear river runs through it and you wake in the morning with the calming sounds of the rapids and the sweet smells of pine. In the seminar, we walked every evening and on the last day our group completed a walk that was forty foot! I also participated in a coed sweatlodge (bathing suits, optional) that dramatically shifted my perception of the way I looked at people in a very healthy way. We broke bricks with our hands, bent steel, and we danced and sang songs. And I learned about wood and more importantly a lot about myself. Shortly after returning home, I led my own firewalking workshop.

On Saturday, September 18th , we will be having another firewalking seminar. Firewalking either speaks to you or it doesn’t. You either want to do it or you don’t. It is an act of personal empowerment. It is an act of facing your own personal fears head on. If you can walk on fire, and I assure you, you can, then you can do anything with your life that you want. Fire can’t stop you, only your fear can and only your reluctance to face them!

We hope to see you there. The cost of this seminar is $85. You can call me if you have any questions. You will be required sign a release form knowing that you consciously consented to walk on 1100 degree coals. But you probably do that every day in a different way. Namaste’. Peace and Power.


-from the Internet

An honest man is being tailgated by a stressed-out woman on a busy boulevard. Suddenly, the light turns yellow, just in front of him. He does the honest thing and stops at the crosswalk, even though he could have beaten the red light by accelerating through the intersection. The tailgating woman hits the roof, and the horn, screaming in frustration as she misses her chance to get through the intersection with him. As she is still in mid-rant, she hears a tap on her window and looks up into the face of a very serious police officer. The officer orders her to exit her car with her hands up. He takes her to the police station where she is searched, fingerprinted, photographed, and placed in a cell. After a couple of hours, a policeman approaches the cell and opens the door. She is escorted back to the booking desk where the arresting officer is waiting with her personal effects. He says, "I’m sorry for this mistake. You see, I pulled up behind your car while you were blowing your horn, flipping the guy off in front of you, cussing a blue streak at him. I noticed the ‘Choose Life’ license plate holder, ‘What Would Jesus Do?’ bumper sticker, ‘Follow Me to Sunday School’ bumper sticker...and the chrome-plated Christian fish emblem on the trunk. Naturally, I assumed you had stolen the car."


by Cynthia Killion

This column focuses on helping you awaken and refine your innate psychic abilities. This article is part 3 of a seven part series.

Working with a divination tool is one of the fastest ways to awaken your inner psychic. a divination tool is a device that acts as a catalyst for your own intuition. some popular divination tools are the tarot, runes, the I-ching, and pendulum. If you want to get started awakening your inner psychic this way, you shouldn’t have any problem, since White Dove sells many books on this subject as well as the actual divination tools themselves. In the beginning, you should use your divination tool as often as possible. This will get you used to listening to your inner psychic. Start with doing daily readings for yourself. Once you become quite proficient at this, you can branch out into doing readings for friends and acquaintances if you’d like. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to be a professional card reader or rune reader to become quite good at it. However, if you feel led to share your insights with others, by all means, do so. Now, here’ s the clincher: After you have become quite good with your divination tool, I want you to put it away. Yes, that’s right, put it away. No, you don’t have to get rid of it. but just set it aside in a place where it won’t be readily available. Then try to do the same readings you did before, only without your divination tool. It may help to imagine that you are still using your divination tool. For instance, at first, you may ask yourself a question in a reading, allow the image of a particular tarot card to come to you. Or concentrate on sensing the energy of the particular rune that applies to your situation. Just don’t get too carried away with this. You want to learn more on your inner psychic and less on your divination tool. Just as before, try to do your own readings as often as possible. When you get up in the morning, do a reading asking what you need to know for the day ahead. See if you can get any information about important projects you are working on during your lunch break. If you feel so led, do some readings (without your tool) for friends in your spare time. When you are doing a reading, information will come to you in several different ways. It may initially come as I mentioned before, in symbols or images that relate back to your divination tool. For instance, you may see the image of a particular tarot card or rune, or mentally "feel" your pendulum swing a certain way. Soon after this, you will start to receive your psychic information in a more "pure" state. Colors, sounds, and sensations that relate strictly to the issue at hand (and not to any particular tool) will begin to prevail. You will see images in your mind, hear voices (not in a schizophrenic sense), or begin to taste, touch, or smell the answer to your questions. Everyone receives information in different ways. So don’t be disturbed if you start getting your answers in ways other than the ones listed here. At first, your impressions may be vague and unclear. With practice, they will become sharp and vivid. Eventually you will transition to a point where accurate psychic impressions readily arise in your mind. If you find that after several tries you are still unable to do this, you may want to go back and work with your divination tool some more. but remember, the intention is to work with the divination tool only to the point where you no longer need it. You want to avoid getting hooked on the tool. Give yourself at least a few months to learn to rely solely on your inner psychic. Then, if you want, you can go back and work with your divination tool some more. But remember that a divination tool is only as good as the psychic behind it.

Cynthia Killion is a metaphysical author, astrologer, and spiritual psychic. Since she can’t shuffle well, her favorite divination tools are astrology, numerology, the I-ching & the runes. To learn more about how to awaken your inner psychic, pick up a copy of Cynthia’s booklet, The Little Book of Psychic Powers at White Dove. Cynthia can be reached at (316)652-8970 or e-mail

- A Course In Miracles

This is the next set of 5 workbook lessons from A Course in Miracles. They are designed "to train your mind in a systematic way to a different perception of everyone and everything in the world." Practice the exercises with great specificity being sure that you do not decide that some people, situations, or things to which the ideas pertain to are not applicable. Some of these ideas will be hard to believe, some startling, some difficult. You are asked not to judge them, but do not allow yourself to make exceptions. Nothing more than this is required to gain the efficacy from these lessons.

LESSON 6 - I am upset because I see something that is not there.

In this lesson we are specific in naming what we are angry, worried, depressed or sad about. Remember that there are no small upsets. they are equally disturbing to your peace of mind.

LESSON 7 - I see only the past.

Old ideas about time are difficult to relinquish. However, everything in your life has meaning because of some incident in the past that we have judged either positively or negatively or gave meaning to. Yet that is precisely why we need new ideas about time.