Winter 2000


In May of 1999, I had an opportunity to take the trip I had dreamed of for years. Egypt always had a mystique about it that was both inspiring and familiar. Prior to the trip, I was aware that I had lived in this evolved civilization at least one lifetime, perhaps many more. The following story is my actual experience at the temple of Dendara, probably one of my earlier homes, visited coincidentally (or was it) on my birthday. On your birthday, you’re usually stronger, mentally and physically, than usual due to certain astrological aspects pertaining to the Sun. I felt this was especially true on this birthday. I was fortunate to go with the Association of Research and Enlightenment (ARE), Edgar Cayce’s foundation. There were ten of us in the group. This is the first of at least a two-part series. Please let me know your thoughts, positive or negative. Thanks. Enjoy.


The air conditioned bus made its way through the countryside over the cracked asphalt roads. Peering outside, I noticed an occasional donkey working in the Nile fed fields. Thousands of years had not changed their way of agriculture. It was fairly early in the Egyptian morning and already you feel the May heat as it descended upon the fertile Nile region.

The bus made a turn into a small impoverished town. Small children came running out of their houses tugging on the air above their heads hoping that the bus driver would acknowledge their pleas with a blast of the horn. I marveled at these children’s natural beauty, their rich black hair flowing down to shoulders length and their eyes still with that light of innocence. I marveled more at their courage in the face of poverty and lack, at the same time, wondering if it wasn’t I who was really the poor fool.

With a thread of guilt, my eyes turned back within the walls of the bus. I sneaked a peek at the tour leader of the French group. She was of Egyptian heritage, long black hair pulled back in a bun, with almond shaped eyes that would make even Cleopatra a bit jealous. I was immediately attracted to her. Her robust but graceful figure almost floated as she walked and her demeanor oozed with culture. When she spoke, whether in her native tongue or French, her voice was soothing and eloquent.

My attention was brought back to our journey as our bus pulled to a stop at the temple of Dendara. As I took my first look out at the ten acre complex group to the first part of the tesurrounded by crumbling mud bricks that were obviously added at a much later date, I was suddenly gripped by an intense rage. "Clean this ____ing place up" ! The thoughts sprang not from my mind, but from a more

passionate part of my being. Disappointedly, I picked myself up out of the bus seat and took my turn filing out. As we approached the temple, our groups were bombarded with vendors selling various souvenirs that were not unique for here or anywhere else in Egypt. Once inside the complex, I walked with our American mple. Our guide, Ahmed, pointed out various hieroglyphics etched in the outer walls and the accepted interpretations. It wasn’t long before I became bored with this academic nonsense. My mind wondered

what this great civilization was really trying to tell us. Metaphysically, it’s understood that most great spiritual writings have many levels of meaning in a single allegory. As we progress in spiritual consciousness (not intellectual guesswork and eloquent vocabulary), each level becomes apparent to the seeker. I wondered if archaeologists who unearthed my house three thousand years from now could surmise that my spiritualness was the most important part of my life even if I lived without statues and icons. Nevertheless, my instincts were telling me that the stone etchings conveyed a deeper spiritual awareness and l wasn’t hearing it.

I wiped the sweat from the back of my head readjusting my new Mideastern headband, along which came an alter ego named "Habib" I answered to that spun off numerous jokes that help us forget the dry heat.

Our ARE group plodded along to the next temple with cameras and water bottles, some of us stopping along the way to satisfy whatever thirst we had. The next edifice was the main building dedicated to the goddess Hathor. It was magnificent! As we entered, the walkway bisected a huge room which contained twenty four columns. each six foot across, forty feet high, their sandstone surfaced artistically etched from top to bottom. These columns supported a watertight roof also of sandstone 2 to 3 feet thick. Above our heads we could see the last traces of faded color, reds, blues, greens. I could only imagine how the bold contrasting colors enhanced the finished stone. Peering at ninety degree angles , the enormous cylinders were in perfect alignment without anysign of leaning or settling.

This entrance was just the first of three distinct rooms, and keeping with Egyptian architecture, ended with the Holy of Holies. As we made our way through the temple each wall and every column was covered with hieroglyphic images of Egyptian lore or ceremony. I felt so connected with the majesty of this stone monument.

In the Holy of Holies, Ahmed gave his usual interpretation of the hieroglyphic symbols but the messages spoke to me of other interpretations and other realities. I immediately perceived a much more in depth communication. I saw Hathor (symbol of Beauty and Love and of Taurus) enter the temple invited in by the god of time. I immediately realized that the Egyptians observed and recorded in stone the procession of the equinoxes and this temple was constructed for that purpose. I could see that this was the record written or monument for the epoch of Taurus, roughly four thousand years ago. The columns spoke the history of man, his inclinations, the seen and unseen spiritual symbols, and the understandings about man himself during this 2000 year influence of Taurean energy.

During each epoch, the ruling signs influence was magnified. Recognizing this, it was easy for me to assign a ruling epoch for each of the temple that we visited along the Nile by observing the main symbols which aligned to an astrological or zodiac sign . Each astrological sign or epoch had a dedicated main temple that recorded the history and a recorded the spiritual rituals and practices as well as serving as a training center for initiates or the priestly caste. Consequently, when the designated astrological epoch was identified, the approximate age of a site could be easily calculated by subtracting 2000 years for each sign from the end of our Piscean age. I also feel that each column and/or wall was dedicated to a certain period of time ( i.e., 50 years, 100 years) This is the way they recorded time for future generations and civilizations to see. And what could be more resilient than stone. In our society, the way we record history has gone from parchment to books to computers with our paper only able to endure 2000 years in storage under ideal conditions. Who knows if future civilizations will be able to crack our computer programs much less have electricity as an energy of the future. Perhaps, this is where the saying "it’s not written in stone" should be looked at in a different light.



Driving up to Missouri, I knew something special was awaiting me; more or less someone special. I giggled and chatted with my friend Cynthia throughout the duration of the four hour drive all the while my mind and heart were racing with anticipation of great news to come.

We arrived at our destination earlier that the rest of the strangers. I stood outside of the old farmhouse in a stupor, not knowing which way to go, toward the darkened cool farmhouse or further down the trail where a horse meandered about in its green filled home. Cynthia grabbed by hand and we went in. The next thing I realized I was shaking the hand of the Indian man in my dreams. I was stunned, but I managed a smile, and retreated out the door to tell my friend of what had just happened. My psychic friend turned to me at the same moment and agreed that I would be asked to be the old Indian’s student.

Cynthia and I set up our camp and followed the strangers to a lecture given by the famous Yaqui Indian elder "Don Juan". Immediately , the two of us felt like we were in trance given by the Yaqui. No else seemed to be affected. I looked over at Cynthia and we agreed again that there was a special energy connecting us and Don Juan. His Yaqui name was Kachora, meaning "salamander" or "one who jumps fire". The weekend was excellent. It entailed a vision quest, lots of food, exercise, and a sweatlodge. I did a tremendous amount of soul-searching out in the fields of nature as I always do when alone and in my home away from the city. I could easily go onto tell you of my few days that I and the strangers spent with the Kachora. However, the reason I went to Misso was to learn more confidence in myself and others. This venture was one of the first times that I saw so many people trying to find themselves and so very willing to take desperate measures to do so. It was enlightening, yet very confusing. I couldn’t understand how some of the people were so willing to go do some of these tasks without questioning it in their hearts and minds. They look like they were the ones in a trance together and my friend and I were not. Only their trance was a cloud covering their eyes. Still, I found one of the morals of the weekend to be simply, LOOK INSIDE FOR THE ANSWERS.

Yes, Kachora asked me to be his apprentice. Yes, I am saving money and finishing business to enable me to do so. I am exhilarated and full of wonder about my new friend and teacher, but, I think that my message today is that everyone is a teacher, including you. Ask for advice and counsel from others, but only to prove that what you know and trust is in true form for you and your needs.



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And from our friend Evelyn Potter at Unity Church on being in the




Cynthia Killion

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Selecting a psychic or other New Age Practitioner for yourself can be a daunting matter. You want to find a person who is exceptionally good at his or her trade, but you also want someone who can understand you. And how do you choose from all the people out there? Do you have to get a session with each and everyone of them just to find out who is best for you? Luckily for your pocketbook, the answer is "no".

The best way to select a psychic or a healer is totally free. It’s called listening to your "gut-feeling". Follow that gut-feeling to somebody you are drawn to and make sure you have a rapport with that person. Rapport is what happens when you and a person seem to connect. Rapport is the key to a successful session with a Spiritual Professional. When I’m looking for a Reiki master to work on my back or scouting out a Shaman, I don’t give an owl’s hoot about how many degrees they have or what great gurus they studied with. All I care about is if we "click". If we do, then it’s almost 100% assured that they can do good work for me. If not, then it’s back to my research. Remember: If you’re not connecting, then that person isn’t going to be able to do a thing for you, no matter how good they are supposed to be. I recommend that you talk to a practitioner (either in person or on the phone) or something they have written before you agree to get a consultation. At the very least, talk to someone who has had work done by the practitioner and ask some questions. Whether you are talking to the actual practitioner or to one of their clients, keep your "scouting" session short and sweet. Simply ask a few questions about their work style and philosophy. Do not go into great detail about your problems ( a few details are fine) or expect them to give you all the answers for free. Most New Age Practitioners make their living listening to people’s problems; therefore, it’s rude to try to soak them of info for free. (That would be like your boss expecting you to come into work for free.) Of course, no self-respecting New Age Practitioner would turn away someone who was unable to pay. But questions are best reserved for the actual consultation, not when your are still "scouting" them out. Above all, when you are selecting a Spiritual Practitioner, find someone you’re comfortable with, and someone that you can have a long-term relationship with. Then, you’ll be sure to get your money’s (not to mention your spirit’s) worth.

Cynthia Killlion is the in-house Psychic, Astrologer (along with Dale), and original Hooga-booga woman at White Dove. If you think she might be the "right" practitioner for you, call the store (316) 262-DOVE to make an appointment, or call her at (316) 652-8970. You can also e-mail her with your questions at CYNTHIA. KILLION@INAME.COM.

If you’re interested in learning how to be your own psychic, then there is a scrumptious booklet written by her called THE LITTLE BOOK OF PSYCHIC POWERS that you might be interested in. It’s available at White Dove for just $6.



"Western medicine has failed you," my gastoenterologist told me. "You need to investigate the eastern philosophies - yoga or meditation - to help relieve your symptoms."

It was January 1999, and I had been diagnosed with diverticulosis. I already had diagnosis of several other chronic conditions - chiefly fibromyalgia.

Fibromyalgia is a mysterious syndrome which often strikes after a trauma such as a car accident or a severe illness. Tests of muscles, nerves and bones show no injury but an elevated level of Substance P in the spinal fluid evidences extreme, chronic pain. Persistent, sometime overwhelming, fatigue and chronic sleep disruptions add to the pain. Eighteen tender points throughout the body help in the diagnosis of fibromyalgia. Moderate exercise such as yoga is an important part of pain management in fibromyalgia. For the past year, I had been taking arthritis water exercise classes at the YMCA, which helped manage the pain but did little for my distressed digestive system. I looked at the YMCA’s schedule and found that several yoga classes were offered. I was a bit skeptical. Would this involve some kind of hocus-pocus? I was late to my first class because of a misprint in the YMCA’s schedule. I did not know where to get a mat or what the rules of etiquette were, so I just stood by the door until the instructor noticed me. In spite of the awkward start, my first session seemed to help my digestive problems. Intentional breathing and concentrated relaxation helped to calm a nervous system overloaded by chronic pain. Aside from the innocuous direction to send a thought of love to "Mother Earth" during the final relaxation period, no strange religious babble evidenced itself. Yoga surprised me. Although I experienced increased pain for the first couple of weeks, it felt good to breathe deeply and to stretch muscles so long underused. Within three months I was able to do The Headstand against the wall, within nine months I could do The Wheel. In September I found The White Dove. Dr. Andrew Weil recommends yoga breathing as an aid in resisting disease. Deep breathing, he says, activates the lymphatic system, which is the center of the immune system. Sustained stretching stimulates blood circulation to the joints, muscles and nerves promoting healing of damaged tissue. This is particularly important for fibromyalgia sufferers. We do not go into Stage 4 sleep, during which tissues are rebuilt. Yoga can help the chronic pain sufferer learn to relax, which is difficult, but important. Stress aggravates any chronic pain condition. We are in so much pain that the natural reaction is to tense the muscles in the painful area. Tensed muscles produce a vicious cycle of pain, tension, increased pain, increased tension and so on. The noncompetitive nature of yoga as well as encouragement to love our bodies as they are right now help fibromyalgia sufferers feel accepted. There is no need to "prove" oneself or to feel inadequate. The current popularity of yoga makes serious practitioners leery, but yoga classes do provide the opportunity for positive social interaction. Classes at The White Dove attract people from all walks of life - stay-at-home-moms to stockbrokers; the low income to the comfortably well off; the self educated to those with doctorates. We laugh and joke and tease each other; discuss books we have read and movies we have seen. We also have some sessions in which no one but Yogi Dale speaks. We acknowledge our aches and pains and feel empowered to do something about them.

Editor’s note - Namaste’ to Jackie for the article and compliments. However, she should receive full credit for taking the responsibility to do something about the challenge life has dealt her. Her disciplined approach finds her at class 3 times each week, always on time, and never leaving early. She is an inspiration to all of us and empowers herself by positive attitudes and actions.

ASTRO-TALK with Dale Michael Martin & Cynthia Killion

Dale and Cynthia are the in-house astrologers at White Dove. In this issue of the newsletter, they will be considering the February 5th solar eclipse (6:49 am Central Standard Time at 16* Aquarius.

What is the significance of this eclipse & what should people do to prepare?

Cynthia: The significance of this eclipse revolves around friendships & communities and how well these two areas are serving us, as well as how well we are serving them. Eclipses are considered by many astrologers to be portents of change, so look for changes in these areas. If you’re a totally selfless person who has allowed yourself to be swallowed up by "service", you may find it’s time to take a time-out and focus on expressing your creativity and inner voice. If you are a more isolated type, you may find that now more than ever, you want to reach out to other people and serve. Either way, if you want to prepare for this upcoming eclipse, meditate on how your creativity can best serve your community.

Dale: Aquarius deals with altruism and uplifting of consciousness. With the cold air of Aquarius comes the warmth of the Leo full moon. The universe is asking us to change by partaking higher roads to awareness by using feeling, intuition, and cooperation with others in our everyday lives. Spiritually, "Behold, I make all things new" fuels the flames of spotless creative fire. New paradigms of inventions and dimensions of being happen on the mental level. On the political and worldly front expect an unusual turn of events probably pertaining to the upcoming presidential elections. Key words or phrases for this day are "warmth of heart", "creation’, "knowingness" , and "understanding". Key symbols are the "sphinx", the "lion", the "pyramid", and Leonardo DaVinci’s "cosmic man".

Cynthia Killion has been studying astrology since 1987. She can be reached at the store or by calling (316)652-8970 or e-mail at CYNTHIA.KILLION@INAME.COM.

Dale is the owner of White Dove and has studied the stars since 1986. He can be reached by calling (316)262-3683.



MARCH 18TH @ 6:00 PM APRIL 17TH @ 7:30 PM

All ceremonies are at White Dove - 140 N. Mead and last 30 minutes.


I saw the sunset today. Molten copper in a lavender sky mixed With murky water colour gray. I felt the wind on my face, and in the Beauty of it all I began to question. If I told you all that was in my heart Would that be wrong? If I caressed you without the use of my hands, Would the emotions be too strong? If we could fly with the birds in the sky, What would you see? And if I saw you naked without the mask Would you turn your soul away from me? If I asked you for a little of your time, Would you give me a day? Just to lie on our backs and count clouds like children do at play. Would you stand in the rain if I asked you to? To allow the waters warmth to become a part of you.

Our plans for 2000........

Now that I purchase my new computer in mid-December, we won’t have any excuses for not getting our newsletter out on time. I have found that I enjoy writing (actually hacking would be a better term). So expect something from us every three months give or take a week. In addition, the following objectives will happen by the end of the year:

by the time you receive this newsletter, we will have purchased a CD ROM that contains all 14,000+ readings given by Edgar Cayce. Most of these are health related, some deal with reincarnation, astrology, the early history of man, etc. This information will be made available to our customers at a very reasonable price.

by September, become so good on the computer that the Pentagon knows me by name. I want my friends to know my as "Your Royal Geekness." Seriously, we want to have access to the Internet so that we can e-mail you our newsletter and upcoming workshops as a reminder. So, if you want this, please call or mail us your e-mail address for when that happens.

We will dedicate ourselves to having monthly full moon meditations for those interested in joining us.

Have at least a monthly workshop at the store. Our first priority was to make available information to help you learn about yourself. We have not done a very good job with the educational part of the equation. We want to have low cost, high quality workshops so that anyone can attend. Also, if your a local practitioner, to have a space available for your workshop that is affordable and a place to advertise your class.

Ask for and recruit different subjects for our newsletter. If you have a poem, personal story, or interest that you feel might be of help to someone or you want to get something of your chest, please submit a story. However, we reserve the right to reject or accept the article. Most will be accepted.

We will accept ads for our newsletter to help defray the cost of printing and mailing. Our rates are very reasonable. Business cards are $20. We go out to 1000 addresses now and drop our newsletter off to several other sights.

We are wanting to move. I would like a location near the center of the city. If you know of someone who has about 2000 SF or more that is reasonable (we have to sell a lot of incense to stay open) let us know. We will do the remodeling inside. Of course, we want to pay bottom dollar

Please let us know of any events that you may be scheduling. We will put them in our calendar of events at no charge. What we won’t do is hold up publication of our newsletter if you run behind getting your information in. Please be aware that we are on a schedule that is very tight from completion to mailing. Thanks.


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Where Do We Go? by Jay Bremyer

A friend just sent me a poem he wrote about the pain and loss in Kosovo. After describing the terrible silence of a Serbian policeman, who had been a childhood friend of the Kosovar woman at the center of the poem, watching his companions murder her husband in front of her and her children, followed by a touching description of the kindness of a ethnic-German couple trying to save her as she stumbles down the trail toward Macedonia, the poem ends by asking: "Where are her children? Where will she go? Where do we go?"

The first stanza reads:

From iron soil a tribe of golden irises spring, exquisite, individual, yet garden. From where do we come?

Born of the mine-field of tribal warfare, where do we go? Can irises grow from such soul damage? Should we just admit that as a species we’re hopeless and pray that the galactic angels choose us for the airlift to another, gentler dimensions?

I have been thinking about the year 2000 prophecy, millennial jitter bug, the computer problem, the hyper-extended nature of our consumer economy, the travesty of rich and poor at the heart of America, and how, assuming we make it through the eye of the camel’s gate, we can become citizens of a better world.